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    I&#039m trying to re-use Data once it has been retrieved and displayed from a Database.<BR>For example,once I have retrieved my data to a table,is it possible to re-use an element of this table to automatically populate a form?<BR>I am trying to let my users pick eleven players,from a list of avilable players.So, I want them to look at the available players in a table,click on an element and this in turn will fillpart of a form with the details of the player(the data that has already been retrieved). <BR>also is it possible to do this using a pulldown menu instead of a table for the original display of data?<BR>Thanks.<BR>Paul.

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    you could do it by creating two asps:<BR>choose.asp & display.asp<BR>- in choose.asp you do what you told; if you use a table, then <BR> add &#060;a href=display.asp?ID=&#060;%=Rs("ID")%&#062; &#062;surname of <BR> player&#060;/a&#062; to the table you create;<BR> so you always have the ID (or something else identifying your<BR> player) in the row of the table<BR>- if you use pulldowns then add the data by using the "value"<BR> in the option-rows of your select (always adding Rs("ID") to<BR> your value)<BR>- in show.asp: first point to the right record, then create the<BR> form using the value option: &#060;input type="Text" width=30<BR> value=&#060;%=Rs("Surname")%&#062; ...<BR><BR>this should work<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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