I have a little problom trying to write to database...<BR>i&#039;m using the access database and my code looks like this:<BR><BR>***The part of the connecting***:<BR>&#060;% <BR>accessdb=server.mappath("Customer.mdb")<BR>str conn="PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE="<BR>strconn=strconn & accessDB & ";"<BR>strconn=strconn & "USER ID=;PASSWORD=a12b13;"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>***The part of the adding new record***:<BR>&#060;% <BR><BR> dim fname, lname<BR> fname=Request.Form("fname")<BR> lname=Request.Form("lname")<BR> dim rs, sql<BR> set rs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR> rs.open "Customer", strconn,2 ,3, 2<BR> rs.addnew<BR> rs("fname")=fname<BR> rs("lname")=lname<BR> rs.update<BR> rs.close<BR> set rs=nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Now, i got this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80040e4d&#039; <BR><BR>Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user. <BR><BR>/reg.asp, line 55 <BR><BR>and... i don&#039;t know why it says that.<BR>i have mdb file protected by password which you can see in the code... can someone explain why?<BR>Better, can someone tell me what&#039;s wrong? :)<BR>Thanks.