I&#039m new to ASP and have been using ASP to link to an Access database. I&#039ve been trying it out on my Windows 98 computer at home with PWS installed. I&#039ve succeeded in displaying records both at home and at work (at work we use Windows NT 4.0 with IIS).<BR><BR>At home, I was successful in modifying a record in the Access database. I have two files:<BR>1) modrec.asp - reads in the record I want to modify and displays it in a form. When I click "Submit", it sends the information to the next file:<BR>2) modrecpost.asp - posts the updates to the database and displays the new record.<BR><BR>This works fine at home in PWS. But at work using IIS, when I click "Submit", I am prompted for a user name and password. I checked the following permissions:<BR>1) Directory permission in Windows NT Explorer - to try and get it to work, I changed it to Full permission for IUSR_&#060;computer&#062; account. The database is in the same directory as the ASP files.<BR>2) Directory permission in IIS for the virtual directory - Gave Read, Write and Script. Tried Execute also, but it didn&#039t make a difference. I allow anonymous access.<BR>3) ODBC Advanced properties - tried adding a login name and password. Used one of our admin logins which has permission for everything, but I still get the same login prompt when I click the Submit button.<BR><BR>I don&#039t want to be prompted for username and password on this page. I&#039ll either be using IP address restrictions to limit access to the site (which I&#039m using right now while testing), or eventually have a main login page that gets them into the site.<BR>