Hi there,<BR><BR>I have string values read in from a text file which are in the format of:<BR><BR>ABC = "whatever here"<BR>DEF = "another value here"<BR><BR>I need to be able to match against certain values on the right, saving the pattern. <BR><BR>Here&#039;s the perl equivalent:<BR>if ($line =~ /^DEPARTMENT_NAME/ && $line =~ /\"(.*)\"/) {<BR> $file_names{$file_name} = $1;<BR>}<BR><BR>I can&#039;t seem to replicate the above behavior in ASP. Here&#039;s the code I have:<BR><BR>line = file.ReadLine<BR>re.Pattern = "^DEPARTMENT_NAME"<BR>If (re.Test(line)) Then<BR> re.Pattern = """(.*)"""<BR> If (re.Test(line)) Then<BR> Set matches = re.Execute(line)<BR> For Each match in Matches<BR> file_names.Add f_name, match.Value<BR> Next<BR><BR>The ASP code DOESN&#039;T save the value in parenthesis (as I thought it should), but rather the whole &#039;pattern&#039; value... that is, with the quotes as well.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me on how to match the pattern, save it, and NOT capture the quotes as well? <BR><BR>Thanks!