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    How do i add something that will sort this recordset?<BR><BR>sSearchParams = "JobCatID," & iJobCatID<BR>iPage = doForm("Page", "1")<BR>iRecsPerPage = doForm("RecsPerPage", "50")<BR> <BR>Set oRS = PageIt(GetRecords("sp_Get_Jobs " & iJobCatID), iPage, iRecsPerPage)

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    Sort? You mean order by?<BR><BR>Well, I haven&#039;t got a clue what "PageIt" or "GetRecords" are, but I assume they execute the stored procedure "sp_Get_Jobs". The BEST place to put the order by is inside the stored procedure.<BR><BR>In fact, bearing in mind that your PageIt() function&#039;s going to start paginating your results, you need to make sure that the recordset is already sorted at this point. So, you&#039;ll probably find that it&#039;s the only way.<BR><BR>Craig.

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