Hi,<BR><BR>I have some placeholders in my .aspx file, and when I add my controls to them at runtime I want them to appear in specific positions on the web form, so I have wrapped each one with a &#060;div&#062;&#060;/div&#062; pair, I set the style on each &#060;div&#062; to position the contents specifically which on viewing the design page it has placed them underneath each other, as I want, but when I run it, and add my new label+text to each one&#039;s Controls array the controls are simply next to each other in a line, not underneath each other as at design time... :-(<BR><BR>Also my PlaceHolders have ids of "actname1", "actname2", "actname3" etc, so<BR>is there a way that in my code I can use the same code to effectively do this for each<BR><BR>Label aLabel = new Label();<BR>aLabel.Text = dataRow["activity_name"].ToString()<BR>actname1.Controls.Add(aLabel)<BR><B R>All I want to do is add the appropriate number to the tail end of the placeholder id, so something like<BR><BR>actname + &#060;rownumber&#062;.Controls.Add(aLabel)<BR><BR> I guess I could iterate thro the Page controls find all the placeholders and store their references in a list using the row number as an index to the appropriate placeholder reference???<BR><BR>Any thoughts out there on Xmas Eve, well it is here in NZ! :-)<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Colin B<BR>