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    I want to call the following page from sockets within VB. I must not <BR>go to Internet Explorer or use Int.Explorer Control from VB.<BR>(Output of the webpage is immaterial)<BR><BR><BR><BR>In normal cases, <BR><BR>TELNET 80<BR>and then <BR>GET /yeemail/b1.asp?i1=hello<BR><BR>should be able to get it.<BR><BR>But this particular site is not allowing it.<BR><BR>Anyone knows a workaround ???<BR>

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    Why can&#039;t you use any of those objects?<BR><BR>You&#039;ve got lots of other options, though. You could use the MSXMLHTTP objects, or the standard windows Inet control.<BR><BR>I just tried to telnet to that site on that port and yes, it does do something strange. I get to type the "G" and the host closes the connection.<BR><BR>Craig.

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