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    manoj Guest

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    I had a problem, <BR><BR>in an asp page(which have few includes, so will be displaying plain html), i want to have an<BR>"mail this page to friend" link, button..which will mail that same html page as a message, not an attached that friend<BR><BR>say, clicking "mail this page to friend" link will take user to a form in which he/she will enter his/her and his/her friends mail-id, subject we will place..and in the message box, i want to place the script of that (generated) html page from that asp page from which the user is coming..<BR><BR>ur help will be appreciated....<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Manoj<BR>manoj@i<BR>

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    Cindy Guest

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    I also get same problem. Do you have solved it?<BR><BR>Cindy Gong<BR>

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