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    tableA <BR>code(pk) 1 2<BR>category chocolate fruit<BR><BR>tableB<BR>codeB(pk) 1 2 3 4 5<BR>code(fk) 1 1 2 2 2<BR>product kitkat snicker Orange Apple grapes <BR>price 16.00 28.00 45.00 35.00 55.00<BR>i want to display the data in the following format using repeater server control (<BR><BR>chcolate <BR> kitkat<BR> 16.00<BR> snicker <BR> 28.00<BR><BR>fruit<BR><BR> orange<BR> 45.00<BR> apple<BR> 35.00<BR> grapes<BR> 55.00<BR>Can any body help me in doing this i tried my level best according to my knowledge but i didn&#039;t find any solution it is must that the data should be displayed using repeater server control

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