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    Hi, <BR> I would be very grateful if anyone could help me in this regard as I need this to be done as soon as possible. I have created a form using HTML and Javascript. When I click on the submit button I need the Selected Answers to be sent to an Excel or MS-access or any database. I need to know whether this is possible using CGI/ASP. I guess ASP would be better. If not which one do you think is the best way to carry out. If anyone has any idea as to how can I go about in scripting this I would be very grateful. Hope to hear soon. <BR><BR>Thank you

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    So you have made the form<BR>and you just want to know how to post that form into somekind database?<BR><BR>Sorry it&#039;s not as easy as that.<BR>1st pick a language your server supports, asp, aspx, php,cgi<BR>(there are so many)<BR><BR>Then go grab some decent books for that language and read.<BR><BR>Im not trying to be smart about it, but there is way way more to it than just posting the form to databases...<BR>And if your not familliar with whats involved at this point, then you most likely not understand it and we would endup just writing all the code for you. (Which we dont do here)<BR><BR>Please dont take it the wrong way.<BR>

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