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    I am struggling to implement a Recursive navigation for a website which is similar to the Forum threads at this site. I have tried to use the example at however I keep getting errors ( I.e. wrong number of arguments supplied )<BR><BR>I have an SQL table structure full of main categories and subcategories as follows<BR><BR>ID (Primary key)<BR>Title ( varchar)<BR>Content ( varchar)<BR>ParentID ( this will refer to the primary key of the main category records)<BR><BR>Hope I&#039;m making sense anyway. Has anyone tackled this successfully?<BR><BR>

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    Default Either change DB design...

    ...of do the recursion in VBS code after converting the recordset to an array using GetRows().<BR><BR>There is no reasonable way to do recursion via SQL alone, with only the fields you show.<BR><BR>

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