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    Hi there !<BR> Can anyone let me know how this things has been done ? <BR><BR>http://servername.com:1234:leads to admin interface(admin login)<BR>http:..servername.com/ : leads to user login page.<BR><BR>Is it done by coding ? Or done by some else method. Please put some lights on it ?<BR><BR>With thanks !<BR>ASPKID

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    your web server or multiple instances of the web server. you can set them up to listen on different ports. if you don&#039;t have access to the web server configuration, there&#039;s no way to do this.<BR><BR>here&#039;s an article on setting up multiple web servers of different variety<BR><BR>http://www.joelhughes.com/cygwin_apache.html<BR><BR>that joel hughes guy has a lot of information, i was just looking through it.<BR><BR>anyway, multiple instances might do the trick, and also IIS has a thing called "virtual hosts" but you need a server os (Windows 200 0 Server, Windows Server 2003, etc) to set them up, i&#039;m pretty sure.. http://www.joelhughes.com/multihome_iis.asp<BR>that explains it pretty well.

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