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    I have with great interest been reading the articles on<BR>&#060;; and<BR>&#060;; , but i seem to have some problems intergrating the code in the real life.<BR> <BR>I think the exambles in the articles is a nice way to show common people like me how to use Java with e.g. ASP. The code from the website<BR>works great on PWS and also WinXP - but when I upload the code to my website on the internet I get a HTTP 500 - Internal servererror message.<BR> <BR>Is there anyone who have any idea how to solve my problem? Is there another way to get content from websites (e.g. stock quotes from Nasdaq). For you information -<BR>I can tell that I haven&#039;t access to ASP.NET. <BR> <BR>Can my problem be solved in a some kind of XML solution?<BR> <BR>I&#039;m looking forward to hear from you :o)<BR> <BR>/Peter

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    and you uploaded to rustlib as the article states? I doubt it, unless you have an expensive deicaged server plan.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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