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Thread: Is it appropriate to post info on products - even

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    Default Is it appropriate to post info on products - even

    I want to respect the guidelines of this board and will do this just once if it&#039;s out of line.<BR><BR>We at AmberPoint have built a free product for monitoring, diagnosing & troubleshooting Web services messages. It operates as a Visual Studio Add-in and will be distributed by Microsoft with the forthcoming "Whidbey" beta of Visual Studio. It helps developers that are building and deploying .NET Web services. We’re looking for any feedback that anyone may have. <BR><BR>Some of its basic features include:<BR>• Performance Monitoring: View Web service performance in real time with easy-to-digest charts for response time, throughput and SOAP fault counts <BR>• Analysis: Gain a quick understanding of performance bottlenecks and errors from drilling down into SOAP messages from performance graphs <BR>• Diagnosis: Inspect SOAP messages for content, faults and errors in an easy-to-read fashion to understand and debug anomalous Web service behavior <BR>• Testing: Resubmit messages from history or auto-generate new SOAP messages based on WSDL to fine-tune Web services <BR>• Integrated with Visual Studio .NET for point-and-click management <BR>• Available at no charge! <BR><BR>Go here to download.<BR><BR>Thanks - Rick<BR>

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    In my opinion you shouldn&#039;t post it here, before we know we get all kind of &#039;intresting posts&#039;. There are other places where you could post your productinformation.<BR><BR>You do get credits for asking ;-)

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    Default Interesting product.

    AmberPoint just came into this company and did a presentation for us.<BR><BR>It sounded like an interesting product -- from the PowerPoint slides, at least.

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