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    How can I kill a Session?<BR><BR>I know Session.Abandon, but here is my delima.<BR><BR>I have a Shopping Cart site and after the visitor goes through the checkout process I have at the end of the last bit of code to "Session.Abandon". <BR><BR>So that should kill their Session...Correct?<BR><BR>My problem is that if they click back and checkout again or shop again or just hit submit it uses the previous session id. is there a way to kill a session and start a new one?

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    Default Session.Contents.ClearAll

    Yeah, if the user&#039;s browser comes right back w/ same session ID, it seems like abandon doesn&#039;t do anything.<BR><BR>But you you clear out all the Session vars, I don&#039;t think you will care. It will look like new session.<BR><BR>

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