On a Win98 machine, running PWS, and with a system<BR>DSN set to a "dbFileA.mdb", and using a single ASP<BR>application I have the following quandry:<BR><BR>a.) If dbFileA.mdb is an Access97 formatted mdb, then<BR>the SQL UPDATE statements to the file work just fine.<BR><BR>b.) If dbFileA.mdb is converted to Access2000 formatted mdb<BR>on the otherhand, the application DOES NOT make SQL<BR>UPDATES to the dbFileA.mdb. The application does not choke<BR>or give any error message, it simply does not committ or<BR>post the UPDATE permanently.<BR><BR>c.) Again the Access97 version of the mdb file works just<BR>fine as far as SQL UPDATES with exactly the same file.<BR><BR>HELP!!! THANKS!!!<BR>btenge