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    I was hoping there was a way to set the nowrap on all the TDs in my table using the style sheet.<BR><BR>I already have a stylesheet entry for the table but I would like to add the nowrap to it and don&#039;t know how.<BR><BR>#tblParam<BR>{<BR> BORDER-RIGHT: outset;<BR> BORDER-TOP: outset;<BR> BORDER-LEFT: outset;<BR> COLOR: white;<BR> BORDER-BOTTOM: outset;<BR> BACKGROUND-COLOR: #c0c0c0<BR>}<BR>#tblParam TD<BR>{<BR> COLOR: black;<BR> PADDING-LEFT:10px;<BR><BR>}

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    You can find the answer to any question on CSS capabilities at the web site<BR><BR>For this go to -<BR>

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