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    I installed a IIS4 server with Windows NT Challenge / Response Authentication. <BR>I also want to access a db.mdb file from another computer. In the global.asa I wrote data source = \server1dbdirdb1.mdb, but IIS is incapable of finding the database. When I make a virtual server to the other computer-drive i can access the directories but MS Jet 4.0 isnt able to connect to an other computer. <BR>Is there some WORKAROUND to fix this problem ??<BR><BR>Frank!

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    I&#039ve got exactly the same problem as you. The problem is that when using NTLM to access a web site, the password is not actually transmitted to the server. So when IIS impersonates the logged-on user, it does so without the password. Because a password is required to access network resources it fails. If you try setting up Basic Authentication you&#039ll see that it should work (as the pw is transmitted).<BR><BR>Unfortunately this is all I have been able to figure out, but it might help you. If you do find out the workaround please email me at nghead@subdimension.com<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Nick

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    make sure you fully understand how IIS works in an NT operating envirment. You must fully understand the Impersonation and Delegation doings of IIS. Checkout:<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/server/feature/security.asp

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