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    We have a HR application that shows employee benefits and their signature. The signature is a .bmp. We have the employees signatures stored in a folder. Some employees have signatures stored, some do not. On each form we simply call the .bmp to display on the bottom. the problem is if the employees don&#039;t have a signature, we get the ugly RED X for dead image. Any idea how we can trap it to only show the image if it exists?<BR><BR>There is no way to update a flag when an employee gets a digital signature...

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    Default ASPFAQs, category FileSystemObject

    Even nice enough to point you to right FAQ:<BR><BR>

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    use the FSO (filesystemobject) if you don&#039;t have the info in a database. Are you using the same filename for every employees signature? I take it each employee has their own folder?<BR>1) look in the particular folder for signature.bmp<BR>2) if it exists, response.write the &#060;img&#062; tag<BR>3) otherwise, skip the response.write.<BR>If you don&#039;t have a separate folder for each employee, then you need a filename scheme in order to find out if that employee has a signature or not. probably employeename.bmp.<BR>FSO info:

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