will .net do this without component purchases?

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Thread: will .net do this without component purchases?

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    Default will .net do this without component purchases?

    I have written a webapp in java (jsp,Bean).<BR>Come to find out that the lan manager wont let me have anything but MS, specifically the web server.<BR>So now I need to rewrite it in asp or aspx.<BR>The application is a file upload/download app.<BR>It will display the contents of a directory and the user can select multiple files to download(the files are zipped on the fly) or they can upload files to the server.Seems easy.<BR>I know that I would need to purchase components for accomplishing this in asp(specifically the zip part), but I was wondering if aspx would require me to purchase components, or can all of this be accomplished with the "built in" classes.<BR>TIA!

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    Default I'm pretty sure you could

    you&#039;d have to write your own zip compression routines but it could be done.

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    Default I have to ask...

    ...WHY do you want to zip-on-the-fly???? If you need to keep an unzipped copy for some reason, fine. But then also keep a zipped copy in (say) a parallel directory. Zipping is *not* a really fast process. Why put the load on the server if you don&#039;t need to?<BR><BR>

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