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Thread: IMPORTANT - URL Spoofing

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    Microsoft has another problem, this time with Internet Explorer. It seems IE is just a little *too* good at URL encoding. It allows anyone to make a website appear legitimate. The address bar and status bar all look like it&#039;s going to a legitimate site, but it&#039;s NOT. I have created a simple demo in 5 minutes: <BR> <BR>hover over the link. Look at the status bar. Click the link. Look at the address bar. <BR>This is serious, not only because of the infamous email scam that tries to get you to "login" to "paypal" or "****" using your username/password, but because Microsoft is refusing to release a December "roll-up" patch for it. It only works in Internet Explorer. Not sure of version numbers. <BR>BEWARE!!!

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    Default Old news

    Think someone showed this to us some time ago <BR><BR>all you need is the @<BR><BR><BR>:)<BR><BR>

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    Default Actually, slightly newer news... 8&tid=187&tid=95<BR><BR>This is actually a variant on the old trick.<BR><BR>However, this time it&#039;s actually even more convincing. This one really WILL cause problems for all those people who check URLs before putting their details into phisher&#039;s scams.<BR><BR>Craig.

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