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    OK all I want to do is drop a couple unused columns from my products table. Here is my query.....<BR><BR>Alter Table Products<BR>Drop Column stockSecurity;<BR><BR>And here is the error....<BR><BR>The object &#039;DF__products__stockS__2CBDA3B5&#039; is dependent on column &#039;stockSecurity&#039;.<BR><BR>This is a MS SQL database and there is no known constraints or anything associated with this column. I added it the other day and set all values to 0 and now can&#039;t delete it.<BR><BR>Please Help!!<BR>

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    Default That is simply saying...

    ...that *SOMETHING* in your SQL Server DB is *using* that column and so you can&#039;t delete it.<BR><BR>The message could be a ton clearer. I don&#039;t know whether that is a TRIGGER, a VIEW, a defined RELATIONSHIP, or what. But any of those that used this field could cause that error.<BR><BR>Hmmm....but then I see what you are claiming: You say you do *not* have anything associated with this column. <BR><BR>Well, patently SQL Server doesn&#039;t think that is true.<BR><BR>Ugh.<BR><BR>Try doing the DROP from within Enterprise Manager and see if you get a better error message?<BR><BR>Maybe "DF" means "Defined Function"?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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