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    Hello, below is a data grid that I would like to dynamically create. <BR>The number of columns depends on the user input. The number of items under the each category depends on the each project (from database). Ex: this project (software = 4 items, hard drive = 3 items, memory = 4 items, & processor = 3 items). For each category and each column, user can only select one item. Memory category is an exception: user is allowed to select 2 items under each column, and the user must also select which selected item is primary and secondary. I have been struggle with this data grid for 2 weeks and can’t come up with anything. If anyone has any idea, please let me know. Thanks in advance.<BR> Col1 Col2 Col3<BR>SOFTWARE<BR>XP-pro x <BR>Xp-home x<BR>Ms-Office x<BR>Sql <BR>HARD DRIVE<BR>10GB x x<BR>120GB <BR>40GB x<BR>MEMORY<BR>256 x1 x2 x2 <BR>512 x2 x1 <BR>1GB<BR>2GB x1 <BR>PROCESSOR<BR>Intel 3.2 x <BR>Intel 3.6 x x<BR>Intel 3.xx <BR>

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    Can u give the structure of your database. If I understand right it must be like below is that right?<BR><BR>Data Table is project and you request 4 columns from it right?<BR><BR>column SOFTWARE and has 3 items <BR>column HARD DRIVE and has 3 items <BR>column MEMORY and has 4 items <BR>column PROCESSOR and has 3 items <BR><BR>Then you want to put all this in a DataGrid and under the 1st column list all the column names with the items from that column listed directly below it. Not sure I understand the selection of the other colums, a code example would help even if it doesn&#039;t work.<BR><BR><BR>

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