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    Default script tp compute a simple bill

    Could anyone please help me, I need an asp script to compute a customers bill. Requesting the quantity of each item ordered, and calculate the total. Example: Apple Tart($2.35) Doughnut($0.50) Cookie ($0.40). Also need an &#039;If Then&#039; statement if the bill comes to over $10.00 give a discount of 10%.<BR><BR>I know how to do the form with boxes to get the qty input from the user it is just the asp I have difficulty with.<BR><BR>Many thanks

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    Default We have a rule about homework...

    ...that we even sometimes follow...namely, we don&#039;t do it for you.<BR><BR>You *start* the project. Code it as best you can. *THEN* come ask us if you can&#039;t get it working.<BR><BR>(And not that it really matters, if you&#039;ve been assigned to do it with ASP code, but this doesn&#039;t really need ASP, at all. It could all be done in the browser using JavaScript.)<BR><BR><BR>

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