Is my database structure even in the ballpark?

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Thread: Is my database structure even in the ballpark?

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    Default Is my database structure even in the ballpark?

    Hello to all. I am a bit new to this so please excuse my ignorance.<BR><BR>I am interested in creating a forum, simply for learning purposes. I am unsure of how the database should be structured for something like this. I can see having a forum table, and a thread table. Should I also have a post table?<BR><BR>Forum -&#062; Thread -&#062; Post<BR><BR>I keep second guessing myself on how this should be structured. I have my self going in circles and not making any progress. I am planning on using ASP and an Access 2000 database. I was thinking of modeling it after the aspmessageboard forums.<BR><BR>The following is what I have so far:<BR><BR>tblForums<BR>*ForumID Autonumber<BR>ForumName Text<BR>ForumDesc Text<BR>ForumStatus Text<BR>ForumCreationDate Date/Time<BR>ForumPostCount Number<BR><BR>tblThreads<BR>*ThreadID AutoNumber<BR>ForumID Number<BR>ThreadSubject Text<BR>ThreadAuthor Text<BR>ThreadCreationDate Date/Time<BR><BR>Can some one please point me in the right direction? I feel like I am completely off course with out a compos.<BR><BR>Thank you for your time,<BR><BR>Ryan W.

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    see if this helps you<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Is my database structure even in the ballpark?

    This looks pretty good. You might want to think about creating another data field in tblThreads called "InReplyTo" or something like that so that people can follow a logical path of the thread. This field would contain the ThreadID of the message they are replying to. If it is a new post, you could give the InReplyTo value a -1 or something.

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