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    I am trying to produce an Online availability calendar for a number of cottages to let. The user will enter a start date and then select number of nights and then they will submit the form. The response will then tell the user whether the selected cottage is available for the selected days.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to go about this.<BR><BR>Platform:<BR>ASP<BR>Access database (later to upgrade to MSSQL).<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Paul K Stanley<BR>

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    Default Buy a book

    and go through that....we can help you IF you have tried something and are stuck....but very little we can do when we have nothing to work with<BR><BR><BR>good luck<BR>

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    I don&#039;t know of any tutorials, but there must be plenty of examples of conference room booking systems around.<BR><BR>How far have you got?<BR><BR>You really need to concentrate on getting the data structures right first. If you get them wrong, everything will fall apart.<BR><BR>Things to think of (off the top of my tired head):<BR><BR>1) can people rent the cottage on the same day someone else leaves?<BR><BR>2) will people be charged different rental rates based on the day of the week/time of the year? I imagine that you will want to charge more for holiday periods than for the rest of the year. What if a rental overlaps cheap/expensive rate periods?<BR><BR>3) If the cottage is not available, how about offering them the closest match thatn is available? This may not be easy to do, but could be a real money spinner. Look at what Amazon do with their "people who bought this also bought ..."

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