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    hi all! <BR> With classic ASP how shall i go about trapping the idel (inactive) timeout for a user and if it is approaching near <BR>to our standard session time then I wanna display a message box to the user. <BR>I had come up with firing a javascript clock but the thing is How to know that "now the session is ideal" and to start<BR>the javascript clock now and if it is say approcahin to nearly 20 minutes then show the alert.<BR>Would Response.IsClientConnected canhelp here.<BR><BR><BR>Any link any thoughts will be of great help. <BR><BR>tia, <BR><BR>Cheers, <BR>sandy. <BR>

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    You had the right idea.<BR><BR>Just start the JS clock and set it at, say, 5 minutes less than whatever you assign for the session timeout.<BR><BR>So if the session timeout is 20 minutes, set the JS clock for 15 minutes and popup a warning message in 15 minutes.<BR><BR>As soon as you "contact" the server, the session timeout is going to start all over!<BR><BR>

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