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    Yngvar Guest

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    Can anybody please tell me how i can get the hight and width of an image?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    LeeAnnie Guest

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    I&#039m not sure if this answers your question....?<BR>&#060;img src="somepicture.gif" height="25" width="164" alt="" border="0"&#062;<BR>To "get" the height and weight of an image from another site, I would just look at the source code.<BR>There are also some photo editors out there that will tell you what the height and width of the image is. I use Paint Shop Pro, which I got when I bought Allaire&#039s homesite. HTH

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    Yngvar Guest

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    No it wasn&#039t the answer I was looking for.<BR><BR>I want to determine the height and widht as the page is loaded, and return the hight and widht to variables on a asp page.<BR><BR>But thanks anyway

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    these guys have a free object which you install on your machine, use the methods provided and you&#039ll be able to get the get size<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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