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    I have set the file size limit to 50 MB in the Machine.config file on the websever. whenever a user tries to upload a file which has size &#062; 50 MB, then my application quits showing a DNS error page.<BR>With some help, i have been able to trap this error of file size limit in the Application_Error() event. But when i try to redirect the program to the error page, it does not work. I have tried using, Response.Write("errorpage.aspx"), Server.Execute("errorpage.aspx")and Server.Transfer("errorpage.aspx") one at a time. (No error is thrown on any of these methods)<BR>None work and still shows me the DNS error page. Is there a way to stop from displaying this page and enforce it to display my error page.<BR>Please help! Thanks in Advance.

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    I&#039;m not too familiar with this, but is this error page it is displaying something that can be configured in IIS? Again, I&#039;m not too sure, but it sounds like an error that you might be able to use IIS to specify a page to redirect to. Know what I mean? Am I off base?

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