Hi, <BR>I have a typed dataset that contains the following relevant datatable.<BR><BR>tblStoreInventory<BR>storeId<BR> productId<BR><BR>now, I am binding this data to a datagrid.<BR>The problem is that I want to display the “productName” in the datagrid.<BR><BR>The “productName” field sensibly belongs to the database table tblProduct:<BR>SCHEMA<BR><BR>ProductId INT<BR>ProductName VARCHAR<BR><BR>So, I am wondering what’s the best way to display the following info in my datagrid columns:<BR><BR>StoreId, productId, productName<BR><BR>Should I add another datable to my typed dataset, ie the tblProduct table?<BR><BR>All suggestions appreciated.I can clarify any ambiguity in this post.<BR>Ta, <BR>yogiberr<BR>