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    I am not sure if I should be posting this here or in the database messageboard, if this is not the proper spot I am sorry.<BR><BR>What I was wondering is about includes and how they work. I have made a inc. file that holds different functions that I would like to happen with a database. I include this file into my asp page at so that I can of course use them. The problem that I am having in my connection part.<BR><BR>I include a file that makes the connection to the database. I try to use this connection in my subs but for some reason the subs will not use it. it wants me to make the connection inside the sub itself. Is there a way that I can make the connection global (not sure if that is right term) for all the subs so that I don&#039;t have to keep making the connection in each sub.<BR><BR>I am sorry if this is a silly question :( but it seems I can not figure it out.<BR><BR>Thank you for you time and effort in this problem for me.<BR><BR>Stephen

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    this is possible, in fact it&#039;s what you seem to have done, but you&#039;ve not been all that clear.<BR><BR>also, take note : you shouldn&#039;t give it a .inc extension if it includes sensitive data. give it a .asp extension.

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