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    Is there any way that I can run access 2000 and access 97 on one machine ?? My intranet software is in Access 97 and rest of my applications are in 2000. I use 2 diff machines right now but its getting very tedious. Is there any way i can use it on one machine without converting 97 files to 2000 ??<BR>Thanx<BR>Alkesh

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    Default I have both...

    ...on my machine at home.<BR><BR>When I installed OfficeXP I told it to *NOT* replace Access97.<BR><BR>Worked fine.<BR><BR>(I did it becuz the Access97 docs are far superior to the Access2000 or Access2002 docs. Finally in Access2003 they have restored the stuff from Access97.)<BR><BR><BR>

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