Hello,<BR>I am having an issue. I am attempting to connect to my LDAP server with ASP. I am using http://uga-pjt.berkeley.edu/temp/ldapadsi.htm as my template. When I use their example as it to their servers it works fine. However when I enter in my LDAP server and User name and password (My server dose not allow anonymous access. I get the following error.<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Provider (0x80040E37)<BR>Table does not exist.<BR>/ad.asp, line 46<BR><BR>The Provider line is the Recordset Object.<BR><BR>I can connect with a LDAP browser no problem with the supplied password and username so i know that works. <BR><BR>I have tried in 3 enviroments<BR>XP Pro with IIS installed<BR>Win 2K<BR>and NT 4.0<BR><BR><BR>Please asist.<BR><BR><BR>Charles<BR>