To clarify what i wrote earlier, i think that an increasingly specific search string within the fields would work well. I have 7 fields, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. I need to start with Kingdom and have the action of the user clicking on the name of a kingdom (anyone of 7 possible) be equivalent to filtering the database field "by selection" and i need to have the results displayed as a list of the Underlying Phylums beneath that kingdom. These Phyla need to be links in themselves to filter that field "by selection". This process needs to continue until we reach the Genus/Species Field. At this point, the links will be to a "Details" page which i have already completed. The problem that i have is how to pass the kingdom (and all folowing variables) on to the next page and how to make sure that the page doesnt list ALL the underlying categories, only the ones that are appropriate to that Link. Dynamic links on the results/continue page are also an issue. Thanks for the help in advance.