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    Hi!<BR>Need some assistance regarding email sending function on ASP. I have an email sending page that uses the CDONTS. The email is not sending the email when i tested it. Here&#039;s the setup of the server. I have the IIS in Windows 2000 server as well as the website(I checked there is the cdonts.dll)and SMTP is started. But we have one main server which is NT where in we get our internet connection. Don&#039;t sure if this is the probable cause of not sending the email? Any suggestions and information to help me find a solution on this. thanx

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    Default are the ports blocked?

    on the nt server (proxy) that you use to connect to the internet?<BR><BR>I *think* SMTP uses port 25 by default, but of course it&#039;s configurable, like FTP

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    I had a problem with our 2000 and sending emails that were the same address as the server. wouldn&#039;t send through the server. So I switched to CDOSYS with cdo.message and that worked for me. Maybe changing to this will help you, too.

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