pls refer to this url:<BR><BR>forget the toolbar at the top. i want to present my data as in the 2 tables below. i have a few questions please as i am getting confused:<BR><BR>1. i need to implement conditional logic on my data. e.g. look at the row THR0011. if the next row contained the same clientcode_id i would want to add a new row underneath. if not i would want to start a brand new table. does this mean i have to develop a custom control incorporating HTML output text or can i just add methods to a repeater to provide this conditional logic?<BR><BR>2. the layout i want does not fall into a neat templated header/items/footer format as i want additional info such as name and address above the headers. does this mean i cant use a repeater?<BR><BR>3. also i am only presenting the data so if i used a datareader, am i able to pass each row&#039;s clientcode_id into a variable so that i can check this against the value of the next row to determine whether to start a new table or a new HTML row?<BR><BR>thanks a lot guys