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    Hello folks,<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to create a suspense system of my own.<BR>I&#039;m using Microsoft Access as a test, and planning to move it to Oracle, but bear with me on the MS Access issue at hand.<BR><BR>However, I&#039;ve run into a situation that I have ran into in the past, and always wondered if it could be done!<BR><BR>I wonder if it is possible while inserting a record into a database, I could draw (using a SELECT or whatever) the unique id which MS Access automatically creates in the Autonumber field.<BR><BR>Does anyone know if this is possible? <BR><BR>So far I have searched Google with some search phrases, but no results that I can apply to my issue.<BR><BR>I do not think it is possible to do both simultaneously, but I&#039;ve been wrong in the past.<BR><BR>Thanks for any and all help.<BR><BR>- Rob<BR><BR>

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    Using Access, it&#039;s not possible (I&#039;m pretty sure) to do it in one .Execute statement. Because it&#039;s two separate queries, and Access doesn&#039;t support the execution of multiple queries at once.<BR><BR>However, if you click the ASPFAQs link in the top-right, there are a couple of articles on this.<BR><BR>Craig.

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