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    I have a web fetching script that grabs news headlines off of a website. Recently, someone asked me to grab the news off of a french website. I can do it, but some of those "funky" letters with the marks above arent being displayed, they show up as question marks. Here are the pages:<BR><BR>Actual news page: http://www.lintelligent.com/results.asp?ResultStart=1&ResultCount=20&Coll=lint elligent&QueryText=Gbagbo&datepub=1<BR><BR>My code: http://home.1asphost.com/gamew0rld/getheadlines.asp?keyword=Gbagbo<BR><BR>See how some of the special characters are replaced with question marks(?) ? Is there any way around this or to fix this?

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    One or both of these ideas should solve your problem. <BR><BR>1)Notice the charset that is being set on the French page. &#060;meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"&#062; You might have to do this.<BR><BR>2)You probably have to change your Codepage for the ASP page that is doing the fetching. I&#039;d reccomend starting out trying it in the page directive &#060;%@ Codepage=65001%&#062;. I&#039;m also guessing 65001 which is UTF-8, but it might need to be something different. Once you get it working you might be able to narrow down what part of your page uses that Codepage, by using Session.Codepage or Response.Codepage.<BR><BR>

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