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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am looking at my log files for my site, http://jimpix.co.uk<BR><BR>If I look at the failure log, which states:<BR><BR>The Failure Report identifies requests that were made to the server that resulted in an error such as a &#039;404 Document Not Found&#039;<BR><BR>I find a number of errors. I am baffled why I get a massive bunch of static images here, e.g:<BR><BR>/images/hi_res/fish.jpg<BR>/images/hi_res/tolkein.jpg <BR>/images/hi_res/bushworld.jpg <BR><BR>these are not broken links, or unavailable files, since I can go to any of them:<BR><BR>http://jimpix.co.uk/images/hi_res/fish.jpg<BR>http://jimpix.co.uk/images/hi_res/tolkein.jpg <BR>http://jimpix.co.uk/images/hi_res/bushworld.jpg <BR><BR>and view them fine.<BR><BR>Why would they be flagged as 404 errors? My host doesn&#039;t know why - I checked with them first.<BR><BR>It makes no sense, unless the page doesn&#039;t just include 404 errors, but also 304 errors, which if I&#039;m right is the status for cached images...<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jim<BR>

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    images occasionally just fail, even if they&#039;re there - I think in some cases users hitting the stop button or navigating away in the middle of loading might cause it...

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