Hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to write this program which will check to see if a extraction file exist DAC.CPEXTRACT.DAT.CCMMDDn.<BR><BR>Basically CCMMDD is a concatenation of code check(2), month(2), and day(2). n should be the number of time this file has been extracted for that day. I have a field in the db for a counter but I don&#039;t know how to get this code to work.So first we should check to see if the file exist if it does increase n and upload. If not use n and upload. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Here&#039;s a start.<BR><BR><BR><BR>CONCATENATE: V_DATE+4(2) V_DATE+6(2) into V_MMDD --&#062; this makes MMDD<BR>CONCATENATE: CC V_MMDD into V_CCMMDD<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table WHERE FILENAME &#060;&#062; V_CCMMDD AND Counter = 0.<BR>INSERT <BR><BR>