dts work flow problems..are repeated steps possibl

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Thread: dts work flow problems..are repeated steps possibl

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    what im trying to do is:<BR><BR>1) ftp a file from a server to a local directory, <BR><BR>2) check the file for its lastmodified date <BR><BR>3) depending on a constraint, perform a data import. <BR><BR>However, if the file is not modified, this means that the server thats supposed to ftp and update the file has’nt done its job yet, in this case i would like dts to wait a few minutes and then again go to step 1. I want this to repeat for a whole hour until the data has finally imported OR if it hasnt imported at the end of the hour it will send me an email saying it failed. <BR><BR>The closest I have come to this type of functionality in DTS designer is picture 1. <BR><BR>In picture 1 i am using the WAITFOR DELAY &#039;000:02:00&#039; to wait 5 seconds between every step. However To do this would require me to create about 30 iterations to span the whole hour! The activeX portion works fine its just learning the flow in dts designer that is giving me the problems. <BR><BR>It would be so much easier to do what I did in picture 2, but nothing runs. <BR><BR>here are the pics:<BR>http://www.geocities.com/samirrahan/picture1.gif<BR>http://www.geocities.com/samirrahan/picture2.gif<BR> <BR>I would appreciate any help you can offer. <BR> Thanks.

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    It seems like your best bet would be to set the DTS up for one iteration (without the &#039;waitfor delay&#039;). Then trigger the DTS from a stored procedure (you can do this with xp_cmdshell and the dtsrun command... its in the help file).<BR><BR>if your dts sets a record in a table somewhere to tell you that the info has been uploaded, just loop your procedure over whatever period you want.<BR><BR>good luck

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