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    okay I wrote earlier about having multiple searches on one page, the results of each coming up on one results page and the difficulties i have in isolating the results for search1 appearing when search1 button is pressed. i&#039;m still having a lot of difficulties.<BR><BR>i am using dreamweaver ultra dev. <BR><BR>okay. i have two types of searches on my site<BR>one is in a textfield. i am filtering the results of those searches by<BR>last name = form variable textfield<BR>so far this works perfectly -- i enter a name into the ftextbox, i hit enter and it searches. each time a different name comes up. all the results are displayed on one page.<BR><BR>i want this to happen with a submit button search.<BR>i have a page with 25 search buttons (25 different searches) and when someone clicks on search1, on the results page the search1 results are displayed.<BR>how can i do this?<BR>i am still really really confused.<BR><BR>please help me or email me<BR>thanks a lot!<BR>nessa

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    What do those 25 search buttons look like (in code, that is)?<BR><BR>How do they affect *what* gets searched and/or what kind of search is performed?<BR><BR>Do the users enter info into text fields or &#060;SELECT&#062; lists or whatever on the form, in addition to clicking on one of these buttons?<BR><BR>

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