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    I have a txt field on my form, in it the user enters a date. After the user fills that in, there is a link a ways down that they click on that takes them to another page where they get data and return it to the previous form with the data field. My problem is that I am losing the date when the user clicks on the link to go to the data gathering page. Is there a way in javascript that i can save these values so when the user comes back the date is still there?

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    Default Use a popup?

    So that the original page is untouched?<BR><BR>Other than that, the only way is to save everything someplace and restore it when you hit the page again.<BR><BR>Session cookies (ones with no expiration time, so they expire when the user closes the browser) would be okay.<BR><BR>Or you could send all the info to the other page and have it send it all back. Presumably in a query string.<BR><BR>

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