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    Using ASP, how do I save user input from a form to a text file for later retrival from the server? Do I place the ASP script on the page with the form? Can I create a seperate text file for each submission? What&#039s contained in the ACTION parameter of the <FORM> tag? Can I use the javascript method "onSubmit" to call the ASP script? Help. . .

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    Hi Martin,<BR><BR>Create your form and use the ACTION (don&#039t need Javascript) tag to point to anew ASP page you&#039re going to create. You&#039ll also need to specify a GET or POST.<BR><BR>In this new ASP page, use REQUEST.FORM("formvariable") to get the info that was sent from your calling page, then use Scripting.FileSystemObject to output your data to a file.<BR><BR>The easiest way to creat a separate file name for each is to have a counter in the application object Application("Counter") which you increment for every submission and use to make a file name.<BR><BR>The above, might be useful as pointers but I think you&#039ll need to go away and read up about ASP and things like the FileSystemObject - 4Guys is good, and many other sites, also search your harddrive(s) for asp.chm and vbscript.chm (help files).<BR><BR>Jerome.

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