Hi,<BR>Having a problem.<BR>I have created a page where people casn add info to a page:<BR>They can add content and headers and upload files.<BR>Now I have to create a remove item page.<BR>The headers may not be unique.<BR>I want the user to select which item to delete from the headers, but I need to delete according to the record Number (Unique identifier).<BR>So I ahve one page called remove.asp where there is a list box with the headers and a hiddne field for IDs.<BR>It posts to another page called RemoveAsction.asp<BR>which displays details for the selected item (to make sure user has selected correct page to remove).<BR>BUT<BR>The page seems to display results for the Record Number of the first item not the one selected.<BR>Do I need to requery dtatabase to get record id using header...but this could be problem if the header is not distinct?<BR>hmmmmmm<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR>Jax<BR>