Can somebody help a newbie?<BR><BR>First question, I have a menu build with fireworks MX, the images from the menu<BR>are pre loaded, if clicking a link to open a popup window (shipping) and close the popup then the<BR>menu images are not loaded anymore, how to solve this?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Second question, I have the same forum then this one but use frames, I am trying to change it a bit,<BR>I added some links to display the treads from one month at the time, now I want to set the forum<BR>to read-only for posts older then two months so they can not reply on older posts.<BR>The month links are targeting the bottom frame but I need to set ObjForum.ReadOnlyForum = false/true<BR>in the topframe and between the body tags, any suggestions?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks a lot<BR><BR>Nunuwawa<BR>