White Knight responded to this question earlier with the following link: http://www.sqldts.com/default.aspx?200 - this is exactly what I am looking for, however, the trouble I&#039;m having now is passing the global variable for the connection path/string into this DTS from an ASP page. I can&#039;t seem to find the correct syntax that works properly. <BR><BR>Original Question:<BR> Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I&#039;m trying to write a DTS that will import an Excel sheet into a table (plain and simple) but I want the excel file/connection to be a global variable or parameter because it will have a different name each time. The format of the spreadsheet will always be the same just the name will be different. I&#039;ve worked with global variables before and passed them into queries but I&#039;ve never used a variable for a connection.