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    Default Performance forum?

    Just wanting to know if the performance forum is being administered today? I posted earlier but am yet to receive a response. Im not being impatient, just seems a little odd.<BR><BR>My apologies for the double/cross post.<BR><BR>John

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    what, this post :<BR><BR><BR><BR> I had a quick look at it, but I&#039;m in work right no so trying to just handled bite-size posts between actual proper work ;-)<BR><BR>I&#039;ll see if I can have a better look later.

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    Default Thanks Atrax

    Just ordered one of your CMS apps today. <BR><BR>Cant wait to get it, and start customising!<BR><BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR>John<BR><BR>

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    Default any chance someone could take a look at this for m


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