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    I have about 40 different ASP pages up on the server, and they all work fine most of the time. THen sometimes, they all stop working at once. I&#039ve been discusing the problem with my ISP, but they keep checkign and telling me that all the permisions are set right and that it must be a problem with my code. Yeah, right. <BR><BR>I&#039m communicating with an Access Database, but I also created a little &#039Hello World&#039 of sorts(test.asp), just to see if that would run. I&#039ve also played with putting them in another directory. <BR><BR>They weren&#039t running in their original directory, not even my test.asp. Then I moved them to another directory and tried test.asp and it ran. Then I tried one that communicated with the database, and it DIDN&#039T run. Then I tried test.asp again, no go. <BR><BR>It&#039s almost like trying to talk to the database is causing all ASPs to get locked out for that directory. BUT, this only happens SOME of the time. Other times, everything runs just fine.<BR><BR>The quick fix my ISP has done for me is to &#039bounce the server&#039 and usually they&#039ll run again, at least for a little while.<BR><BR>But I really want to find the root cause so I can have some reliable service here.<BR><BR>Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Al

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    Have you tried testing this in a different environment?<BR>Maybe another server or your development environment.<BR><BR>I would try to prove that it will work correctly under a controlled situation before deploying to the ISP.<BR><BR>If you already have then I would try to make some<BR>"test" scripts that do basic functionality checking.<BR>Like calling just the ADO object, then calling the DB, etc.<BR>Hopefully, this will help you narrow down the problem.<BR><BR>hope this helps,<BR>Ian S

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