Help!!! I need to write an script to dynamically generate start times based on any given start time and end time on any day (e.g. 11:00A.M and 3:47PM). that is, between 11:00A.M and 3:47PM on any given day, if the first grogram starts at 11:00A.M, and lasts 45 minutes, the second round shuld start at 11:45A.M. calculate the start time thereafter between any two time of a single day, and then total number of days between any two given days crossing month or year boundary if a begin date and an end date are set. the application requires so Java, C# or PHP solutions won&#039;t help.<BR><BR>I appreciate any hints or clues from you. I believe many of you have done this before. I know I&#039;m still learning, and am not at a senior level, so thanks a million in advance. <BR><BR>This is urgent!<BR><BR>